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Casting/Job Title Location Project Type Submit by
TV Commercial Casting - Multiple .. Commercials - SAG 05-26-15
Tech Commercial Casting Call Reno, NV Commercials - SAG 06-01-15
Gengras Chevrolet TV Commercial Albany, NY Commercials - SAG 05-30-15
Extras For Retail TV Commercial Fargo, ND Commercials - SAG 05-26-15
Actors Needed In Commercial New York City, NY Commercials - SAG 06-01-15
$1000/Day Commercial Casting Call Austin, TX Commercials - SAG 05-28-15
$3,750 Target Commercial Casting .. Commercials - SAG 06-02-15
Photo Shoot Commercial Casting Call Atlanta, GA Commercials - SAG 06-01-15
Actors Needed for Training Video .. Commercials - SAG 05-30-15
Instant Care Commercial Casting C.. Chicago, IL Commercials - SAG 05-25-15
Fit Models Needed Now Jacksonville, FL Commercials - SAG 06-03-15
Connís Homeplus Casting Call Austin, TX Commercials - SAG 05-28-15
TV Commercial Auditions in Los An.. Los Angeles, CA Commercials - SAG 05-30-15
Wells Fargo Commercial Casting Call Commercials - SAG 06-02-15
Actors For Stop Motion Commercial New York City, NY Commercials - SAG 06-02-15
Major League Baseball Spec Commer.. Las Vegas, NV Commercials - SAG 05-26-15
ANTI BULLY PSA CAMPAIGN Los Angeles, CA Commercials - SAG 05-28-15
Miami Restaurant Commercial Miami, FL Commercials - SAG 05-30-15
Google Android TV Commercial Now .. Commercials - SAG 06-01-15
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Commercial Auditions

Television commercial auditions are different from most other types of entertainment industry auditions because they are usually held under tight time schedules. There is not a lot of time between the casting and filming schedules. In some cases the commercials are shot within a week of casting. Most commercial auditions are concerned with background roles.

Just as commercial auditions are held under time constraints, the time between notice of the audition and the audition itself can also be very short. Directors may call for a TV commercial audition just a day or two prior to the audition date.

Commercial auditions usually run tape so the directors can review the auditions later. During most TV commercial auditions a casting director, an assistant, an executive producer and a camera person will be present. The directors know the actors may have only had a few days to study their scripts and they do not expect complete memorization. In these cases it is perfectly alright to read directly from the pages of the script during a commercial audition. Commercial show audition scenes are also often read utilizing crewmembers as assistants. Although this may be distracting, don’t worry about the assistants and concentrate on your own performance.

Commercial auditions present a lot of opportunities for acting, singing or dancing skills as well as being good showcases for new talent. Commercial auditions can be either open or closed depending on the production company and the number of actors needed. Hopeful talents may be asked to perform unconventional routines at a commercial audition. Since commercials are evolving all the time, you never know what you will be asked to do. Commercials can range from a few performers to big productions with complex cast. The only limiting factor is the length, with a minute or so being the normal duration. As a result, commercial auditions can offer more performance opportunities than almost any other type of entertainment audition.